editing, writing, creating web sites

sometimes we ask, "why me?"

"why not?" is often the reply.


Right now, you are probably asking yourself, "Who is this guy and why should I trust him to work on my Web site?" If you are asking youself that question, that's good; I've lured you in.

During the day, I am a high school English teacher and have been for the last eight years. When I come home, after I've finished grading the latest batch of 130 essays, I am (among other things) a musician, a writer, a coder, a developer, and a generally curious guy who stays up nights working on the latest obssession.

I am a control freak with a slight case of OCD. I let small details keep me up at night. I am a grammar nut and any little mistake drives me insane. I pour myself into projects, sometimes at the expense of my personal relationships, just to achieve the satisfaction of having done something I thought I couldn't do. I learn very quickly and move on to application of my new-found knowledge as soon as possible. If there are no projects for me to work on, I create some just to keep my skills sharp and to test out new ideas.

So, why would you want to work with a guy like me? Because I'll get your project done right and on time, and I believe there is no substitute for high quality. Why would you want to work with anyone else?