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examples are important indicators.

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The Silver Creek High School Web site had not been updated or redesigned in 2 years. Due to budget cuts in the school district, the class designed to put the Web site in the hands of students suffered. I worked to give the site an updated look, make the markup easy to wade through, and create a site that could easily be updated in the future.
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Trident Designs was in the middle of a significant identity crisis. Shifting from wine storage to custom furniture, Trident Designs was looking for a dramatic change in the Web site to demonstrate this important segue. With a stong sense of what Syd Dunton was looking for, I created a more sophisticated site than the previous version and left him with a site we were both happy about and proud of.
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To begin on your own Web site is to launch into a project that is never finished, with a client that is never satisfied, deadlines that are impossible, and compensation that doesn't help pay the rent. It's the toughest job to do and one that many people leave undeveloped for exactly that reason. is an ever growing creation. I'll try to make the changes easy on the eyes.
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