Beer Geometry

In a stack of papers called Instruction.

  • Aug
  • 22
  • 2007

I’ve got both a video involving beer and a way to make fun of people, each with legitimate uses in your classroom. Stick with me. Meanwhile, I’m trying to justify censoring two lines from an excerpt of Fight Club so I can use it during the first week. If I am personally jazzed about something, there’s a greater chance my students will be. The opposite is also true. I’m diametrically opposed to censorship in my personal life, in dire need of it in my teaching life. More on that later. Today, the beer.

Circumference Vs. Height

Beer Geometry blew me away. I know that will sound hyperbolic to you math-minded people, but I really had no idea that the circumference is greater than the height of (most?) pint glasses. I tried this at home and it worked, though not to the same ratio as in the video. There must be a way to use this in a math classroom. Is this video a good intro to the importance of circumference? Could this be a hook to get students interested in what comes next? Are there other parlor tricks that rely on simple, simple geometry? I must admit that geometry seemed to me the least valuable of all maths. A video like this might have made things more relevant.

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