January Finals Of 08-09

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  • 21
  • 2009

Just in case anyone’s interested, here are my first semester finals. I’ll debrief how they went later. Since I change things almost about every year, I don’t have a problem posting these here for all to see. If you’re of the same mind, let’s see what you’ve got. If you want to use these, feel free. I’d like to hear your thoughts and/or see what your finals looked like.


Anecdote, Memorized, Group Survey, Whatever, two rounds of Impromptu, and a Skit later, we ended the semester with a debate (students voted for the Skit and Debate to be among our final projects).

English 1 Support

We have been working on a process to make sense out of quotations, moving through two presentations on a quotation.

English 3

All discussion the last several days has been about a set of quotations I provided them from The Crucible. After much discussion and my evaluation of their final thoughts on quotation work from the first two acts of the play, we ended with a bit of timed writing.

Coming Soon: How this went, final grade breakdown for first semester, my writing program, Support Class as AVID, Cuckoo’s Nest lessons, Speech projects, Grading writing (surely part 128), extra standardized-test complaints, continued English-standards wrestling, and much more. Stick around; leave a comment.

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1. Meanwhile, I keep dancing says:

[1/22/2009 - 8:22 am]

I really like your idea for The Crucible final! Well done.