An archived stack of papers: April 2010

Online Highlighter

In a stack of papers called Connections.

  • Apr
  • 26
  • 2010

Browsing around online, I often find sites full of clutter, but that have an interesting piece or two somewhere on the page. It might even be an article I want to draw student attention to, but it’s drowning in a sea of irrelevance. That one sentence is all kids need to see for me to make a connection or just a passing reference to something. Maybe I simply want to show vocabulary words in action... read more

Running Out Of Time

In a stack of papers called Unorganized.

  • Apr
  • 22
  • 2010

We were supposed to:

review root blocks 25 & 26 finish chapter 6 and begin chapter 7 of Lord of the Flies begin chapter notes for LOTF read in their SSR book for about twenty minutes start their Reading Response in class discuss symbols in LOTF

We only:

reviewed root blocks 25 &... read more