Running Out Of Time

In a stack of papers called Unorganized.

  • Apr
  • 22
  • 2010

We were supposed to:

  • review root blocks 25 & 26
  • finish chapter 6 and begin chapter 7 of Lord of the Flies
  • begin chapter notes for LOTF
  • read in their SSR book for about twenty minutes
  • start their Reading Response in class
  • discuss symbols in LOTF

We only:

  • reviewed root blocks 25 & 26
  • finished chapter 6 of LOTF
  • know that the Reading Response is homework

I hate feeling behind. Scoop onto all this the fact that I have a stack of writing from the previous book sitting untouched on my desk. Slide in a helping of a final project from that same book that I’ve only graded four or five of and I’m left feeling like I’m doing a terrible job. Cover everything with that writing being the single piece of formal writing we’ve done all semester. The cherry is that writing was supposed to be a two parter, with the second part working to connect our previous book (Animal Farm) to our current one (LOTF). Since I haven’t even started grading that writing yet, that ain’t happening.

Now multiply all this by two because I feel almost exactly the same way about English 3. Well, maybe by two and a half because I kinda feel this way about Speech, too. And we’ve only got about five weeks left. I’m running out of time. You?

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