An archived stack of papers: July 2010

Facebook Questions

In a stack of papers called Connections.

  • Jul
  • 24
  • 2010

Facebook is getting a Questions app together. What interests me here is the focus on eloquent writing and reference to other sources. It’s nice to have a company like Facebook on record as valuing those elements of writing.

I like that Facebook is asking for someone to be able... read more


In a stack of papers called Instruction.

  • Jul
  • 21
  • 2010

What happened? Why is summer almost over already? How come I haven’t started thinking about what new things to put in place?

Maybe you have some ideas to share with me about what you do with reading and writing in the class everyday. What do you do to create reading routines in class? What about setting up writing routines? How do you put things in place that make strong reading and writing... read more