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My brother usually sends me funny stuff, stuff that is meant just for laughs but often gets me thinking about how I can use more media in the classroom. That’s just how I spin most things that appear in front of me. It’s a curse, though, because most stuff I can’t see a reason to make appear in front of my students. He routinely adds fuel to the fire of a huge part of my ongoing existential crisis. That said, he’s also a major contributor to the number of interesting sites I stumble across.

So when appeared today, I thought, “Ooo! Neato!” Yes, this is another one to add to the ranks of several other sites I want to use in the classroom… but can’t figure out how. looks more promising, though, because it seems an easier jump to the classroom. I have some ideas of how I’d use a few of these images for Do First writing (short writing at the beginning of a period). I might even have a way to turn some of these into impromptu presentations. What do you see?

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1. Zoe says:

[4/28/2011 - 8:46 am]

This is so greattt. I remember being in school when all short writing exercises were prompted by boring quotes or a journal entry (which I never felt motivated enough to put 100% of my effort into). These pictures can offer great inspiration for creative writing or analysis. Some of them are also hilarious! Wish this was around 6 or 7 years ago!