One Size Leaves Lots Behind

In a stack of papers called Reform.

  • Mar
  • 26
  • 2006

Should diplomas reflect the education completed, requirements passed, or growth over time? Is it possible to show all three?

Special education is modified instruction. Doesn’t that imply that it’s not the same as mainstream? Shouldn’t that mean a different diploma to signify that? If the expectations aren’t the same, should the diploma be the same?

AP is modified instruction, too. Lots of material covered in AP classes is not even touched in mainstream classes. Should students who take as many AP classes as they can, passing with As and top scores on AP exams, get the same piece of paper upon completion as students who take only the bare minimum and receive Cs and Ds? Does that belittle the efforts of the over-achieving student?

Should we have a different diploma for completing high school requirements but failing to pass CAHSEE? Should there be a special education, mainstream, and AP diploma? Should there be different amendments to diplomas to indicate the choices made along the way? Should the diploma earned say something about the path taken to graduate?

Just like public schools, diplomas are one size fits all. Perhaps we should be looking at various diploma options.

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