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  • Mar
  • 12
  • 2007

What a drag. AOL’s Writing Wizard is no longer free. You need to create an account to access a 30-day trial, but if you select “No thanks” at first, you’ll get a form to fill out for a 50-day trial. They want you to play hard to get.

Is there another free tool online that will check papers for grammar and syntax? Writing Wizard did a better job than Word does. I’m not talking about checking the ideas of the paper, I’m just looking for a tool students can use to clear up those surface-level errors that plague many. Links to further explanations or examples would also be nice, another piece that Writing Wizard provided.

Prentice Hall’s Online Essay Scorer is interesting. I don’t see how I can use the demo, though, because the response entered has to be based on a particular prompt given by Prentice Hall. Maybe you can use it, though.

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