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  • Jul
  • 30
  • 2007

Yesterday, the first back-to-school commercial blasted in my ears. It was almost offensive, but an alarm went off in my head to the reality of the cruel calendar. And then there’s that someone who told me the other day that I should wait until a week before school starts to get my game face on. What to do.


On the one hand, I’m getting the message that school is around the corner. And it is. There are miles to go before I sleep, something I knew in the back of my head even on June 12. I want to do a lot of things before school begins, not the least of which is some planning for my department. There are photocopies to run, presentations to spit shine, projects to rethink, philosophy to consider, pedagogy to evaluate, and the list always unfolds off into the horizon with no end.


On the other hand, a month is a month. Students don’t roll in ’till nearly September. This will be my tenth year of teaching and I could teach tomorrow if I had to. I strongly believe that r&r is what makes an effective teacher; there’s still time to enjoy vacation while it’s here.


So what are you working on? Post a shot of your latest handout here. Just gimme a screen grab. I’ll post mine as soon as I actually start working on anything.

Am I the only one still completely removed from the classroom? Where are you, mentally? Are you ready to roll? Are you waiting until later? Have you heard those first commercials for school supplies or clothes yet?

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1. Betty says:

[8/14/2007 - 7:51 am]

The ads are out there, and if you don’t wear a junior size, forget about shopping. My grandsons won’t discuss going back to school with me. They remind me that they are still enjoying summer.