Summer To-Do

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  • Jul
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  • 2007

Ah Dan, your invitation was merely postponed, not forgotten. Making public such lists is something I’m very much into. Here goes.

This summer, I want to:

  1. Run an average of 1 mile each day (so far so good with 30 miles run in the month of June);
  2. Write at least the beginnings of 2 short stories;
  3. Record the CD that’s been at the back of my mind for the last 4 years (and that I just thought of a name for);
  4. Figure out how to use Logic Express;
  5. Buy a video camera and start those projects;
  6. Help my girlfriend learn the cello;
  7. Keep my house clean;
  8. Read at least 5 novels;
  9. Keep up on my reading of comics (Daredevil, Y: The Last Man, Fell, Powers, Astonishing X-Men, Girls, DMZ, etc.);
  10. Watch more movies, at home and in the theaters;
  11. Put in new kitchen cabinets and countertops, along with a new refrigerator (all already selected, I just have to get down to Home Depot to schedule it);
  12. Cure the raging headache that will develop while reaching the previous goal;
  13. Write that post about grades and what I will/will not do next year;
  14. Figure out semester 2 of English 4;
  15. Refine my blogging assignment;
  16. Have a margarita party with my girlfriend;
  17. Cook for my neighbors who graciously allow my cat over to their place every time I’m gone;
  18. Have a BBQ for my friends from work — with lots of beer;
  19. Get together with my friends at least once a week;
  20. Juggle 5 balls for at least 1 minute nonstop;
  21. Write at least 5 posts each month;
  22. Review Japanese grammar and vocabulary;
  23. Design that Web site for that organization;
  24. Create complete unit plan handouts and calendars for the first two units in English 3 and 4 by the beginning of the school year;

I’m sure there’s more I want to and will do, but those are the bigs on my list at the moment. What are your plans?

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