Visual Essay: Sneak Peek

In a stack of papers called Instruction.

  • Nov
  • 14
  • 2007

All of these grow every day. What I’m showing you is just where several groups are so far. Last Thursday was an introduction to the Visual Essay assignment (teaser #1). Friday was mostly used for planning and groups getting their feet wet with the resources for this thing (teaser #2). Mad props to Dan for a quick email basically saying “Yeah, this looks good, but here’s one suggestion” (teaser #3). Here’s a smattering of what my kids have come up with so far, with full-sized versions of these sure to come later (teaser #4):

satellite instead of a system
“satellite instead of a system”
reading better or more deeply
“reading better or more deeply”
read deeply not to
“read deeply not to”
Man Thinking
“Man Thinking”
young men accept views of other thinkers
“young men accept views of other thinkers”
man hopes...genius creates
“man hopes…genius creates”
Genius is...the enemy of genius
“Genius is…the enemy of genius”
Each age must write its own books
“Each age must write its own books”
to create
“to create”

P.S. All teasers will be made good on in another posting or two. Promise.


1. Dan Meyer says:

[11/14/2007 - 12:16 pm]

Looks way cool. Looks like everyone chose different routes for fusing text to the image. Not an easy task. I posted a few thoughts on the challenge back in the day.

2. Todd says:

[11/14/2007 - 4:10 pm]

Yep, I’ve been using those tips as talking points when I move from group to group. “The word ‘book’ is getting lost in the picture of the tree. How can you make that text more readable? What if you changed the color? Now try adding a background. Too dark? Here, change the transparency. Is ‘Times’ the right font to use?” The “young men accept views of other thinkers” image takes a page directly from those thoughts you put together. “Read deeply” does, too, but that was all their doing.

I actually want to put together a dummy presentation and have the kids work on using font choices to tidy it up. That’ll be when we get on to doing another one of these things.