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  • 2008

I hesitated to flip the calendar last Friday. Four days in, now there’s no denying it: August arrived early. I swear I was cheated out of a few weeks last month.

What have you started planning? Any ideas for the first week? How about for the first day? Decided on any new policies (homework, late work, attendance, behavior, etc.)? I’ve written about it already, but the ideas that have been jangling around in my head all summer come from Eric’s post. I’ll lay down specific ideas about that and other issues in the coming days, to help me sort things out as much as anything else. Of course, your input is always appreciated. If you have anything to puzzle out, leave your thoughts here and let’s see if we can reach some conclusions.

I’ve been reading a lot, catching up on movies, and working on a bathroom remodel. All of those are time consuming and so this space has gone neglected. For anyone to whom it matters, I’m very sorry. I feel the impact of not keeping up around here and I don’t like it. Several things are storming in my head and I’ll start getting them down here, even if they are unfinished.


1. Phuoc says:

[8/6/2008 - 1:51 am]

I swear, you told me you wanted to remodel your bathroom 2 years ago…maybe.

Anyway, August is definitely here, and this post reminds me much high school: the bad teachers, mandatory hw, finals that were

2. Todd says:

[8/6/2008 - 12:57 pm]

Yeah, probably. Back then, I was probably working on some other idea I’d first thought of two years prior to that!

C’mon, Phuoc, it wasn’t all bad, though I completely understand you enjoying college much more. But are you already thinking of how to get through the next term of your coursework? Are you catching up on any reading or other knowledge you need to be ready for the coming onslaught of classes?

3. irrational says:

[8/6/2008 - 4:42 pm]

I went to work on my classroom for the first time today and am very excited. On the first day I’m going to give a learning style assessment and then have the students make a stacked graph showing their affinities toward each category. I also have the students work in groups to define the jobs of students, teachers, parents, and principals. We post their ideas in the classroom, and I refer to them throughout the year. Whenever they aren’t doing their job, I point out the poster and we talk about what everyone’s job is and if they are accomplishing it.

4. Phuoc says:

[8/8/2008 - 1:48 am]

Here’s what you did: Two 10% bomb one and there goes your A. The following year, you made them like 5% and filled that gap with brainless assignments. Thinking back now, I’m extremely glad you pushed us on those essays. I doubt any of your students realize how important basic English writing skills are until they come to college.

Being a Math/Econ major, I struggled the last two years. 4 B papers, 1 D. I finally received my first A this quarter with a bit of help organizing my essay–my girlfriend had me do an outline, and revise my main arguments many times to be relevant and coherent with the thesis. Holy s**t, no red marks on my paper.

Anyway, I’m actually taking summer school. Haven’t heard from me right? I only go home for winter/spring break, and holidays. I’m at the point where every math class is abstract and I write more proofs with the Greek alphabet than I do making calculations. So when I have free time, you know I’m not doing any math lol. In fact, I’ve been learning some PHP and mySQL, and recently installed WP 2.6 on my domain–which is what brought me back here. My banner > your old ugly green one.