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Speech class wants to create a documentary. English 1 Support, I still think, will grow through projects such as video. More on both of those projects later because I hope to create some material that anyone can use to get such a thing going in their neck of the woods.

I showed this AFI video to Support for our note-taking session yesterday and will show it to Speech after Spring Break when they start to storyboard. It moves through the ten final shots pretty quickly, a good challenge for my Support kids who are just learning to take notes, but also makes it easy to understand what the shots are.

The American Film Institute (AFI) put together a series of videos that walk you through movie production. They have lesson plans, handouts, and audio/video resources that actually aren’t too shabby, at the very least providing a good skeleton for you to expand on. I heard about this curriculum a few years ago and am happy to have found it all. And it’s free, something I worried would be true back when it first caught my attention.

Links And Handouts

There are a few ways to get to all this stuff:

So there’s at least two sites…

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