Your New Job

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  • Aug
  • 11
  • 2009

You are probably going to be asked to do a lot of things this year. Last year, those things would have been done by someone else. This year, you’ll be expected to do them. You’ll be asked to take more students in your classroom. You’ll be asked to volunteer at this event. You’ll be asked to watch the library one day a week. You’ll be asked to supervise a few more hours. You’ll be asked to enter in these numbers. You’ll be asked to attend these meetings. You’ll be asked to run these photocopies.

It’s your new job, added smack dab on top of your old one. What will you do when you’re asked to do work that was another person’s job last year?

Several tests exist in my district. Really, only two of them are of any importance. Those two tests are used when determining student placement from freshman to sophomore year. Those two tests give students a chance to show that they would do fine in the next level of English, that they should be moved on even if other marks don’t show it. So the DRP and benchmark are important to give to our freshmen because it allows them another chance.

Trouble is, we don’t have a testing coordinator. Now, that’s trouble on many different levels because she rocked and will be sorely missed. But from this vantage, she was the one who printed out answer sheets, gathered test booklets, counted out booklets and answer sheets, distributed said booklets and sheets, collected them all, and stored them. Whose job does that now become?

Who should take over these things when there’s no one around to do them and it doesn’t fit into anyone’s job description? These things need to be done, but there is no one around to do them. Now what?

What’s your union’s stance on this issue? Does that match your personal philosophy?


1. Elona Hartjes says:

[8/13/2009 - 3:36 am]

“You’re probably going to be asked to do more things this year.”- especially if you have a positive attitude and are good at your job. Just sayin!

2. Todd says:

[8/14/2009 - 10:59 am]

Elona, you’re right. But that’s nothing special to this year; that’s always been the case!

How do you feel about being asked to do things that need to be done, things that were once someone else’s job, things that now you need to do or else they won’t get done? Should we go ahead and do those things for the good of the students? Are we sending a message about the cutbacks if we fill in the gaps?

And what do you plan to do to maintain a positive attitude this year that’s perhaps different than how you’ve approached that issue in the past?

3. Elona Hartjes says:

[8/14/2009 - 12:22 pm]

How am I going to approach this year differently regarding maintaining a positive attitude?

Honestly, I don’t know other than saying no more frequently. I’m not going to do things just to support peoples’ pet projects.

If what I’m asked to do doesn’t support the reluctant/struggling kids I teach, I’m going to say “I’m sorry. That isn’t a priority”. I have only some much to give, and I want to give it to kids who need extra support.