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How Do You Know?

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  • Mar
  • 18
  • 2006

My parents are moving to Kauai soon. This morning, I drove over to help move junk from their house to a dumpster set up in their neighborhood, available certain weekends for free to all residents to fill. We took all kinds of things down there, some of them objects that I’ve seen sitting on the side of their house for decades.

But it was my old wagon that had the most impact on... read more

No Novel Left Behind (NNLB)

In a stack of papers called Instruction.

  • Mar
  • 15
  • 2006

The sudden intake of air from shock over my suggestion, a true gasp filled the room rather quickly. A brief moment of silence punctuated the end of the gasp-sentence, an exclamation point for the clearly surprised opinion of a few gathered around the table. The words fell out of my mouth in a cluster and felt, to me, as if rocks loudly tumbled onto the floor, the rough sound of stone on stone. Not that... read more