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  • Sep
  • 02
  • 2007

Yet again, a video on College Humor might provide a good introduction, this time to the concept of density. Science teachers, this one’s yours again.

Similar to Beer Geometry, this video is a bar trick. Oil and vinegar is the obvious non-alcoholic combination to demonstrate in the classroom. Maybe the science lab that results from this video is to find other liquids that work the same way as whiskey. Or maybe it’s to rank other liquids in relation to the density of water. Which liquids are more, less, or equally dense compared to water? Forgive my ignorance here, but I hope some science teachers can weigh in on this.


Here’s a QuickTime of the video for your downloading-and-showing-in-the-classroom pleasure.


Social science teachers, I’ve got an award-winning video about the Cold War next. For you foreign/world language teachers, there’s an audio segment, sadly not a video, about voice training actors to affect various authentic Spanish accents. Are you even remotely as interested in these videos as I am? Are any of you putting things like these to use in the opening days? Should I stop this and go back to writing about my usual fare? Why am I finding all these videos that look like they’d be great in other subject areas? When am I going to stumble upon the stash of videos for the English classroom?


1. Dave Stacey says:

[9/2/2007 - 3:38 pm]

Keep them coming these are brilliant. If only my science lessons when I was at school were this interesting.

Now, if you’ve got anything for History teachers, that would be grand!

2. Todd says:

[9/2/2007 - 4:38 pm]

Thanks, Dave. Glad to know you’re enjoying it. Social science is tomorrow and I found a video for English that I’m downloading the QuickTime of as I type this.

3. Whiskey Swap at Newly Ancient says:

[9/2/2007 - 6:23 pm]

[…] Todd has found another great science/education video. In this case, the old trick of density is used to switch the glasses of some whiskey and some water. Watch and learn: Whiskey And Water Bar Trick!!! – The most amazing bloopers are here […]

4. Clif says:

[9/7/2007 - 1:44 am]

Density has never been an easy topic for my students. Thanks for sharing these ideas.